Tests using Tris-Phosphate medium (TP) to see if hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds and polyhydroxyalkanoates can be used by the bacterium CC4533 (Sphingobium yanoikuyae PR86 strain variant, partial 16S rRNA sequence; GenBank Accession # MN633285.1) as the sole carbon source.

The file contains 21 images of TP (Tris-Phosphate) medium plates containing different alternative carbon sources. Bacterium CC4533 (Sphingobium yanoikuyae PR86 strain variant) was streaked on these chemical plates to test if CC4533 can utilize these chemicals as the sole carbon source for energy and growth. 1% stocks of the following chemicals were tested: cyclohexyl chloride, phenanthrene, napthalene, benzoic acid and phenyl acetate. 2% (v/v) stocks of fresh and used car motor oil 10W30 were also tested. Chemical doses used are given in mL in the file name. medium plates were imaged after two weeks of growth at room temperature (22C)