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TAP and LB liquid cultures of the bacterial strain LMJ (Bacterium strain clone LIB091_C05_1243 variant 16S ribosomal RNA; GenBank Accession # MN633292.1) grown for 4 days and Gram stains of LMJ from these liquid cultures. Growth of LMJ on TAP-agar from a 96 hours-grown TAP liquid culture is also shown.

posted on 2020-06-12, 18:51 authored by Mautusi MitraMautusi Mitra, Kevin Manoap-Anh-Khoa Nguyen, Taylor Wayland Box, Jesse Scott Gilpin, Seth Ryan Hamby, Taylor Lynne Berry, Erin Harper Duckett
This file contains 11 images. Bacterial strain LMJ was grown in liquid TAP and liquid LB medium for 4 days (96 hours) in an incubator shaker, shaking at 150 rpm at 37C. Images were taken every 24 hours to monitor the turbidity/growth of these liquid cultures over 96 hours. Gram stains were performed on the 24 hours-grown liquid TAP and LB cultures. There were cell debris, membrane fragments, some small rods and round shaped cells were visible after gram staining.
96 hours liquid TAP culture was plated on a TAP-agar medium plate. LMJ grew back within 4 days at room temperature. This result shows that although gram stain could not detect many intact cells in the liquid culture, cells were not dead. LMJ could not form a biofilm in shaking cultures properly and this induced cell lysis in liquid cultures. It can form biofilms on TAP-agar when plated from the liquid TAP culture.


University of West Georgia, College of Science & Mathematics Faculty Research Grant (2018)