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miR-30 Data for Figures

posted on 2013-10-15, 09:10 authored by Claire L. Le Guen, Joshua R. Friedman, Nicholas J. Hand

Data File 1. Plasmid Sequences

Figure 1 data. Cells were transfected with an miR-30ac2 expression plasmid (“G30ac2”) or a control plasmid (“Gscr”). RNA was isolated and qRT-PCR was performed to measure the indicated transcripts. Expression was quantified using the delta-delta method.

Figure 2 data. Cells were transfected with the miR-30ac2 expression plasmid “pSLIKG-miR30ac2”) or a control plasmid (“pSLIKG-Scr”), plus the indicated luciferase reported plasmid. Renilla and firefly luciferase activities were measured in cell exctracts. The firefly luciferase activity was used to normalize for transfection efficiency, and further correction was performed to control for the effects of the reporter plasmids and the miRNA expression plasmid. Comparison was made for each reporter plasmid between the miR-30ac2 expression plasmid and the control plasmid, and averages, standard error, and p-values were calculated.

Figure 3 data. Table of PITA and Targetscan scores (if available) for the indicated UTRs, with the corresponding luciferase expression data from Figure 2.