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fMRI data of PTSD patients with and without comorbid Major Depressive Disorder

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posted on 06.01.2014 by Mitzy Kennis, Arthur R. Rademaker, Sanne J.H. van Rooij, René S. Kahn

Patients were male veterans recruited from the Military Mental Health Care Center, the Netherlands. MDD_diagnosis = current depressive episode (1=yes, 0=no), CAPS_TOTAL_B = total scores from CAPS cluster B symptoms, CAPS_TOTAL_C = total scores from CAPS cluster C symptoms, CAPS_TOTAL_D = total scores from CAPS cluster D symptoms, MASQ_NA = negative affect scores, MASQ_PA = positive affect scores, MASQ_SA = somatic anxiety scores, RSFC=resting state functional connectivity, Hip = hippocampus, ACC= anterior cingulate cortex, sg= subgenual, Thal = thalamus, SSRI = current use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (0=no, 1=yes), BENZO = current use of benzodiazepines (0=no, 1=yes), SARI = current use of serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (0=no, 1=yes), ISCED = international standard classification of education. Handedness presents right-handedness as 0, left-handedness as 2 and ambidexterity as 3. The code 9999 represents a missing value.