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fMRI data of PTSD patients with and without comorbid Major Depressive Disorder

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posted on 2014-01-06, 09:41 authored by Mitzy Kennis, Arthur R. Rademaker, Sanne J.H. van Rooij, René S. Kahn

Patients were male veterans recruited from the Military Mental Health Care Center, the Netherlands. MDD_diagnosis = current depressive episode (1=yes, 0=no), CAPS_TOTAL_B = total scores from CAPS cluster B symptoms, CAPS_TOTAL_C = total scores from CAPS cluster C symptoms, CAPS_TOTAL_D = total scores from CAPS cluster D symptoms, MASQ_NA = negative affect scores, MASQ_PA = positive affect scores, MASQ_SA = somatic anxiety scores, RSFC=resting state functional connectivity, Hip = hippocampus, ACC= anterior cingulate cortex, sg= subgenual, Thal = thalamus, SSRI = current use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (0=no, 1=yes), BENZO = current use of benzodiazepines (0=no, 1=yes), SARI = current use of serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (0=no, 1=yes), ISCED = international standard classification of education. Handedness presents right-handedness as 0, left-handedness as 2 and ambidexterity as 3. The code 9999 represents a missing value.