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Yeast replicative lifespan and terminal morphology in culture media of varying pH

posted on 2013-10-15, 11:10 authored by Brian M. Wasko, Daniel Carr, Herman Tung, Ha Doan, Nathan C. Schurman, Jillian R. Neault, Joey Feng, Janet Lee, Ben Zipkin, Jacob Mouser, Edward Oudanonh, Tina Nguyen, Torin Stetina, Anna Shemorry, Mekedes Lemma, Matt Kaeberlein

The replicative lifespan of yeast (BY4742 strain background) cultured in media of varying pH. Column L (“lifespans”; LS) through AE represent the number of daughter cells produced by each mother cell and the endCode (column AF-AY) represents the terminal morphology of the corresponding numbered mother cell. End lost represents the number of cells that did not receive a terminal cell morphology designation. U = unbudded, S = small bud (<50% size of mother), L = large bud (>=50% size of mother), C = cluster of cells.