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Survey of epiphytes before and after transplantation across an altitudinal gradient of increasing cloud immersion along the eastern slope of the Andes, Peru.

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posted on 2014-01-14, 08:31 authored by Joshua M. Rapp, Miles R. Silman

Full data set including all epiphyte ramets surveyed in 2005, before transplanting epiphyte mats, and in 2006, after transplantation. Columns are as follows: Mat.num, a unique number for each transplanted mat; From.elev, the elevation of the mat before transplantation; To.elev, the elevation of the mat after transplanting; From.tree, the tree the mat was in before transplantation; To.tree, the tree the mat was in after transplanting; Ramet.num, unique number for each ramet in a mat; mSpecies, morpho-species of the ramet; Guild, life-form of the ramet (fern, orchid, or shrub); Ramet.condition, condition of the ramet in 2006 (a: alive, d: dead, f: fresh, m: mature, n: new, s: senescent); treatment, undisturbed control or transplanted mat. Study location: Kosñipata Valley, Peru (13°03′S, 71°33′W). Data was collected between June-July in 2005 and 2006.