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Statistical data of subareas of the dorsolateral frontal cortex in socially relevant decisions based on masked affect expressions

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posted on 2014-09-12, 13:06 authored by Prochnow Denise, Brunheim Sacha, Kossack Hannes, Eickhoff Simon B., Markowitsch Hans J., Seitz Rüdiger J.

EduYears - years of education
TAS20 - sum score of TAS-20
BDI - sum score of BDI
SPFfantasy - SPF scale fantasy
SPFperspect - SPF scale perspective-taking
SPFempathy - SPF scale empathy
Edingburgh - Handedness
CriticalLifeEvents - presence of critical life events
PANAS_moment - mood actually
PANAS_today - mood today
PANAS_generally - mood generally
RTimHappy - reaction time subliminal happiness
RTimSad - reaction time subliminal sadness
RTimAnger - reaction time subliminal anger
RTimFace - reaction time all subliminal
HITimHappy - hits subliminal happpiness
HITimSad - hits subliminal sadness
HITimAnger - hits subliminal anger
HITimFace - hits subliminal all
rpDLFC_PreDec - posterior dorsolateral frontal cortex pre-decision
rpDLFC_Dec - posterior dorsolateral frontal cortex decision
raDLFC_PreDec - anterior dorsolateral frontal cortex pre-decision
raDLFC_Dec - anterior dorsolateral frontal cortex decision