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Single experiments in Akita mice

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posted on 2013-03-12, 07:58 authored by Jurgen Schnermann, Mona Oppermann, Yuning Huang

Units length of fluid column, nl total fluid volume collected, min collection time, flow flow rate (nl/min), Ucpm I125 counts per minute in total fluid volume, Bkg I125 background, column H net cpm (Ucpm-Bkg), TF tubular fluid (cpm/nl). P plasma (cpm/nl), TF/P ratio tubular fluid cpm divided by plasma cpm, SNGFR single nephron GFR (TF/P x flow rate), absorption fluid reabsorption (SNGFR - flow rate), % Del fluid delivered to collection site in % of SNGFR, % Abs fluid absorption in % of SNGFR, MAP mean arterial pressure during collection. U urine (cpm in 2 duplicates), P plasma (cpm in 2 samples in duplicates).