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Rotation of neuronal masses derived from hippocampi of four day-old mouse pups

posted on 2015-01-29, 12:51 authored by Shiladitya Mitra

Video 1: Rotation of neuronal masses in different magnifications (20X and 40X).
a) 0-0.22 min.: Shows one rotating neuronal mass at 20X. 0.24-0.46 focuses on the same mass at 40X.
b) 0.51-0.56 min: Moves magnification at 20X over the same mass before scanning the plate.
c) 1.16-1.19 min: Shows few neuronal masses that have attached to the plate.
d) 1.31-1.35 min: Focuses on a very small cluster of neuronal cells (four in a group) that are rotating (at 20X magnification).
e) 1.37 min-end: Focuses on the same cluster but at 40X magnification.

Video 2: Multiple rotating neuron mass in the same culture.
a) 0-0.45 min: Shows a neuron mass rotating in-spite of resistance from surrounding debris.
b) 0.50-1.26 min: Shows two different sizes of neuronal cell clusters spinning and rotating.
c) 1.36 min-end: Shows one more rotating neuronal cluster.

Video 3: One neuronal mass rotating and spinning.



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