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Raw data for Figure 3C: Mesoangioblasts and HIDEMs do not interfer with T cell activation

posted on 2013-01-25, 12:53 authored by Ou Li, Karen English, Rossana Tonlorenzi, Giulio Cossu, Francesco Saverio Tedesco, Kathryn J. Wood

CFSE labelled PBMCs (5 x 104/well) were stimulated with anti CD3/CD28 beads (1 x 104/well) (P+B) in the presence or absence of HIDEMs/mesoangioblasts at HIDEM/mesoangioblast:PBMC = 1:4 ratio. Cells were harvested on day 3, 4, 5 or 6 and analysed for CFSE dilution and expression of CD25 and CD69. The number of CD3+7AAD- cells expressing CD25 or CD69 using counting beads and the % of CD25+ and CD69+ cells were calculated from the data. Experiments were carried out in duplicates. n=2.