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Raw data for Figure 2C: HIDEMs and mesoangioblasts fail to induce T cell proliferation in vitro

posted on 2013-01-25, 12:53 authored by Ou Li, Karen English, Rossana Tonlorenzi, Giulio Cossu, Francesco Saverio Tedesco, Kathryn J. Wood

CFSE labelled PBMCs were stimulated with anti CD3/CD28 beads (PBMC+B) as a positive control. HIDEMs and mesoangioblasts were stimulated with IFN-γ, TNF-α or IL-1β (20ng/ml) for 24h. Non-stimulated or cytokine stimulated HIDEMs/mesoangioblasts (ratio 1:4) were then co-cultured with PBMC for 6 days. CD3+ CFSE labelled 7AAD- cells were enumerated using flow cytometry and counting beads. Experiments were carried out in duplicates. n=4.