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RQ fused cassette raw data for Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates PS1 and PS26

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posted on 2013-03-28, 16:25 authored by Érica Lourenço Fonseca, Ana Carolina Paulo Vicente

The first column describes the P. aeruginosa isolates (PS1 and PS26) and the gene targeted in the quantitative PCR for measuring their transcription (gcu14; GES-1; aacA4; and the fusion GES-1-aacA4 and rpsL), which was performed in triplicate. Also in this column are the negative controls for each PCR reaction (NTC). The second column displays the cycle threshold (CT), i.e., the PCR cycle in which the fluorescence was detected by the machine. The third and the fourth columns refer to the standard deviation and the average of CT values, respectively, between triplicates. The fifth column refers to the to the normalization of the target gene transcript amount relative to that of endogenous gene (rpsL). The sixth column corresponds to the results of relative quantification. For example, the gcu14 gene and GES gene in PS1 had RQ values of 15,88 and 7,80. It means that gcu14 is 2-fold more transcribed than GES in PS1 isolate.