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Prepulse inhibition of the startle response and radioligand binding assays

posted on 2014-06-27, 09:51 authored by Jerry Skefos, Melissa Ghulam, Arjun Mahendra, Gaurang Patel, Jose Larrauri, Ehsan Kholdebarin, Edward D. Levin, Margaret L. Bauman

Dataset 1. PPI data.
The percent PPI data is provided for each prepulse decibel level tested. This raw behavioral data reflects the percentage of inhibition in prepulse-pulse trials compared with pulse-only trials for each prepulse intensity tested. The data is graphically presented in Figure 2.

Dataset 2. Regional radioligand binding data.
The radioligand binding data presented in Figures 3 – 7 is provided in fmol/mg tissue equivalent. In a few instances, tissue damage during processing prevented reliable densitometry within a region. These data were omitted from the study (indicated by blank cells in the spreadsheet). Additionally, we were unable to block nonspecific binding in all tissue samples from rat O0 for either radioligand, possibly due to tissue damage that was isolated to this case, so this data were omitted as well. AC = anterior cingulate, IC = insular cortex.