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Post- operative clinical data of children enrolled for comparison of ScvO2% with PediaSat and with cerebral NIRS values

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posted on 2014-01-24, 08:22 authored by Francesca G Iodice, Zaccaria Ricci, Roberta Haiberger, Isabella Favia, Paola Cogo

IJV: internal jugular vein; SVC: superior vena cava; LOMV: length of mechanical ventilation; TIME0: data collection starting time point; TIME 4: data collection after 4 hours from start (and so on); CVP: central venous pressure; LAP: left atrial pressure; SpO2 (%): systemic oxygen saturation; NIRSc (%): cerebral near infrared spectroscopy saturation; EGASVO2 (%): superior vena cava oxygen saturation (blood gas analysis); PEDIASVO2 (%): superior vena cava oxygen saturation (PediaSat catheter); NA: not available .