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Native and non-native structures used to generate Protein Structure Networks

posted on 2014-01-21, 15:30 authored by Soma Ghosh, Saraswathi Vishveshwara

Dataset 1: List of 5422 native protein structures
The positive dataset (PSN-QA_positive) used in this study consisted of 5422 native protein structures, that were downloaded using PISCES. Three letter codes of the PDBs are provided.

Dataset 2: Details of the decoy dataset.
The negative dataset (PSN-QA_negative) used in this study were obtained from various publicly available resources.

Dataset 3: Data used to generate Figure 1 in the associated article. This file contains the value of SLClu (size of the largest cluster) for example protein structures at different Imin values (interaction strength cutoffs).

Dataset 4: Data used to generate Figure 2 in the associated article. The file contains the rank values obtained by the native and the decoy datasets. Please note that we have not kept a track of the correspondence between the Id and PDB Ids.