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HbNO and SNOHb levels

posted on 2013-10-21, 13:03 authored by Melissa A Qazi, Fabiola G Rizzatti, Barbora Piknova, Nathawut Sibmooh, David F. Stroncek, Alan N. Schechter

SNOHb levels in fresh blood (assay performed in the first hour after venisection). Gas-phase chemiluminescence signals used to determine SNOHb concentration. The peaks from two samples in the first 20 minutes of storage are shown; SNOHb concentration is ascertained by subtracting the HbNO peak from the composite of SNOHb plus HbNO after treatment with HgCl2 and acid sulfanilamide. The values of SNOHb, near the sensitivity of the method, are less than 30nM, while HbNO is barely detectable. Neither peak was detected after 1hr of storage. To view the data behind the graphs, access 'show all items' above.