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Effects of paraquat on SOD1 transgenic flies.

posted on 2012-11-29, 11:39 authored by Rafique Islam, Emily L. Kumimoto, Hong Bao, Bing Zhang

Five day-old male flies expressing SOD1 proteins in motor neurons (A), glial cells (B) and in motoneurons together with glial cells (C) were treated with 20 mM paraquat in fly food (10 flies per vial). The results do not indicate any significant effect of paraquat in SOD1 flies of all genotypes. Total flies uses for D42Gal4>CS, 183; D42Gal4>UAS-dsod1, 194; D42Gal4>UAS-hSOD1A4V, 138; D42Gal4>UAS-hSOD1G85R, 206; D42Gal4>UAS-hSOD1, 231. M1BGal4>CS, 148; M1BGal4>UAS-dsod1, 171; M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1A4V, 164; M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1G85R, 144; M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1, 200. D42+M1BGal4>CS, 148; D42+M1BGal4>UAS-dsod1, 156; D42+M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1A4V, 177; D42+M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1G85R, 286; D42+M1BGal4>UAS-hSOD1, 213.