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Figure 3 raw data: Effect of PTH1R and PKA agonists on high plating density cultures.

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posted on 05.03.2013 by Suzan Kamel, John Yee

Fig3A. The amount of cAMP was measured by EIA in 98 wells plated with RC cells and exposed to 0 to 100 nM PTHrP (1-36) for 10 min.
Fig3B. The number of bone nodules in 8 wells following treatment of RC cell cultures with 0 to 1 mM DBcAMP and 0 to 10 µM forskolin (Fsk).
Fig3C. The number of bone nodules in RC cell cultures. RC cells were grown in the absence (control) or presence of 50 nM PTHrP (7-34).