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Human SOD1 overexpressed in motoneurons confers resistance to BMAA treatment.

posted on 2012-11-29, 11:39 authored by Rafique Islam, Emily L. Kumimoto, Hong Bao, Bing Zhang

Shown are survival rates of 5 day-old male sod1 transgenic flies under 3 mM BMAA treatment (10 flies per vial). Panels A, B, and C represent the survival rate of flies expressing mutant human A4V, G85R, wild type SOD1 proteins and control flies (D42>CS and D42>UAS-dsod1) in motoneurons using the D42-Gal4 driver. Flies expressing the human SOD1s (both the hSOD1WT, and mutants, hSOD1A4V and hSOD1G85R) survived longer compared to the control flies. At the 50% survival rate, the longevity is increased by 33%, 41% and 66 % for A4V, G85R, wt SOD1, respectively, when compared to D42>dsod1 and D42>CS flies. Differences were considered statistically significant if pCS and D42>A4V, respectively; n=50 for the rest of genotypes.