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posted on 2013-02-15, 11:29 authored by Selim Onat, Dirk Jancke, Peter König

Raw data of all the 4 experiments presented in this report are made available in Matlab format. These files contain a matlab structure named EVO that represents the evoked activity and related information. The field Evo.d contains the data and is organized as [space, time, condition]. The total length of the space dimension equals to Evo.ys*Evo.xs; the third dimension contains different conditions and is organized as follows: 1-2: Blank Conditions, 3: Condition A1B1, 4: A1, 5: B1, 6: A2B2, 7: A2, 8: B2, 9: A1B2, 10: B2A1. In order to plot the Nth sample of the Mth condition, one would need to issue the following command in Matlab: "imagesc(reshape(evo.d(:,N,M),evo.ys,evo.xs))4