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Data on the presence of chromosomally integrated human herpes virus 6 (ciHHV-6) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease progression and severity

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posted on 2013-12-10, 08:00 authored by Mundeep K. Kainth, Susan G. Fisher, I. Diana Fernandez, Amneris Luque, Caroline B. Hall, Anh Thi Hoang, Anisha Lashkari, Alexandra Peck, Lubaba Hasan, Mary T. Caserta

Data on ciHHV-6 presence and HIV disease progression in 439 patients at the Infectious Diseases Clinic at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY: PID: Subject identification
Studydob: Subject date of birth
Enrolldate: Subject date of enrollment
Gender: Subject gender
Med_provider: Subject’s HIV medical provider
Race: Subject self-identified race
Ethnicity: Subject self-identified ethnicity
HIV_Dx_Date: Subject’s date of HIV diagnosis
AIDS_Dx_Date: Patient’s date of AIDS diagnosis
Last_VL_Date: Subject’s date of most recent viral load
Last_VL: Subject’s most recent viral load
Last_CD4_Date: Subject’s date of most recent CD4+ T-cell count
Last_CD4: Subject’s most recent CD4+ T-cell count
ART Naïve: If subject is naïve to antiretroviral therapy – ‘yes’
CIHHV6Run2: Subject positive for qualitative PCR results – ‘1’
QuantPCR: Subject positive for quantitative PCR results – ‘1’


Extraction tool used to collect data