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Data on the effects of local membrane deformation and micro-injury in osteoblasts

posted on 2014-08-08, 11:56 authored by GM Lopez-Ayon, H-Y Liu, S Xing, OM Maria, G Sadvakassova, JM LeDue, H Bourque, P Grutter, SV Komarova

The dataset consists of the following: Force-distance curves collected during AFM application using Asylum MFP3D software in IgorPro 6.22 platform, labeled as “Force curves”
Video files of changes in fluorescence intensity of fluo-4 loaded cells during the indentation experiment labeled as “movie”
Examples of traces of changes in fluorescence intensity extracted from the video files using a code for Matlab 2011 A available in reference 22 in the associated article, labeled as “Mean Ca Fluorescence intensity”