Data file (subject characteristics, volume and shape)

In this data file the columns from left to right represent Diagnosis (dx=diagnosis, T = TS or chronic tic disorder, C = Control), Sex (m = male, f = female), Age at scan (in years), and handedness (L = Left, R = Right, A = Ambidextrous). Then the shape principal component (eigenvector) values are represented as demonstrated by the following example: “NaLpc01” = nucleus accumbens (Na) Left (L) principal component (pc) 01. (“Na” = nucleus accumbens, “Cd” = caudate, “Pl” = globus pallidus, “Pu” = putamen, “Th” = thalamus). Next the volumes are listed using similar notation, e.g. “volCdL” = volume in mm3 (vol) Caudate (Cd) Left (L). Finally, Freesurfer analysis values are listed using their standard notation, which can be found in the table at: - See more at: