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Cortisol and progesterone data collected in participants exposed to speech and rejection tasks

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posted on 2014-09-05, 11:49 authored by Gaffey A, Wirth M

Explanation of variables: ID represents participants’ numerical code. Task is whether participants engaged in Cyberball (1) or the TSST (2). Condition represents the Stress (1) or Control (2) version of either Task. Group is coded based on which of the four condition combinations individuals were randomized to: Cyberball Stress (1), Cyberball Control (2), TSST Stress (3), TSST Control (4). HBC is used to represent whether or not participants were taking hormonal birth control (1) or not (0). Sex is coded for Men (1) and Women (0).
All six individual cortisol and progesterone measurements are included (Cort1 - Cort6; Prog1 – Prog6). AUCi for each hormone (CortisolAUCi; ProgesteroneAUCi) was calculated based on the six measurements and the time at which the samples were provided (see Pruessner et al., 2003).
All participants who engaged in either Cyberball Condition responded to 16 questions about their experience playing Cyberball, immediately after the game. Responses were recorded on a Likert scale (ranging from 1= “Not at all” to 9 = “Very much so”). Questions included: To what degree were you accepted or rejected? (PostCBQ1), To what extent did the other participants include you during the game? (PostCBQ2), To what extent did the other participants exclude you during the game? (PostCBQ3), I felt as though I had made a “connection” or bonded with one or more of the participants during the Cyberball game. (PostCBQ4), I felt like an outsider during the Cyberball game. (PostCBQ5), I felt that I was able to throw the ball as often as I wanted during the game (PostCBQ6), I felt somewhat frustrated during the Cyberball game (PostCBQ7), I felt in control during the Cyberball game. (PostCBQ8), During the Cyberball game, I felt good about myself (PostCBQ9), I felt that the other participants failed to perceive me as a worthy and likeable person (PostCBQ10), I felt somewhat inadequate during the Cyberball game. (PostCBQ11), I felt that my performance [e.g., catching the ball, deciding whom to throw the ball to] had some effect on the direction of the game (PostCBQ12), I felt non-existent during the Cyberball game (PostCBQ13), I felt as though my existence was meaningless during the Cyberball game (PostCBQ14), I felt angry during the game (PostCBQ15), and I enjoyed playing the game (PostCBQ16.)