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Chief Seminar Datasets for Pre-/Post-Testing and Satisfaction Surveys

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posted on 2014-09-12, 13:04 authored by Dittus Christopher, Grover Vanya, Panagopoulos Georgia, Jhaveri Kenar

DATASET 1: Pre-test/Post-test Dataset
This dataset provides the number of questions correct on the pre-test and the post-test for each participant (code #). Each intern in our residency program was assigned a code number at the outset of the curriculum, which they wrote at the top of their answer sheet. Blank spaces are present because not every intern participated in each module.

DATASET 2: Satisfaction Survey Dataset
This dataset provides the results of our satisfaction survey dataset for each survey parameter. The weighted scores can be found at right, with the average score being the final score that was plotted in Figure 5.