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Changes in the three blood forms nitrite levels over the duration of storage.

posted on 2013-10-21, 13:02 authored by Melissa A Qazi, Fabiola G Rizzatti, Barbora Piknova, Nathawut Sibmooh, David F. Stroncek, Alan N. Schechter

Figure 2. Time-dependent changes in nitrite concentration during storage. Blood components stored in the three forms noted were kept for 42 days at 4°C in either room air (2A) or an argon chamber (2B), to emulate aerobic and hypoxic conditions, respectively; number of donors, n=3 (A), n=3 (B). Supplemental Figure 2. Time-dependent room air and chamber changes in nitrite concentration for individual stored blood components; number of donors, n=3 (room air), n=3 (chamber). To view the data behind the graphs, access 'show all items' above.