Relationships between raw and realized modularity

2013-08-07T14:14:32Z (GMT) by Timothée Poisot

Relationships between raw and realized modularity for 290 networks, including the results of null models


w - web number

q - raw (Louvain) modularity

nm - number of modules

qr - realized modularity

ed - number of edges

no - number of nodes

co - connectance

qe - random expectation of Louvain modularity

eqe - variance of the random modularity expectation

qre - random expectation of realised modularity

eqre - variance of the random realized modularity expectation

rq - rank (based on modularity)

rqr - ranked (based on realized modularity)

dq - empirical - random modularity

dqr - empirical - random realized modularity



w - network (unipartite) number

Wa(R) - modularity and realized modularity with the walktrap method

Sp(R) - with the spinglass algorithm

Eb(R) - with the edge-betweenness method




CC BY 4.0